9 UAE Weather Memes Desis Will Relate To

Every year we get to hear this, ‘Yaar, iss saal sabse zyaada garmi hai’ (This year has been the hottest). As much as we detest the heat, we kind of get used to it. We can’t make you love the weather, but we can definitely try and have some fun with it. On that note, here are some hot and crispy memes:



1. Winter is never coming


2. Hot bills are ready to burn your pocket


3. Talk about a heat wave, literally


4. Dashboard is our frying pan


5. Bollywood-ish romance? No. Never. Not.


6. The day it rains, we behave like folks from Lagaan’s Champaner


7. I am a huge fan


8. From Rai to why?


9. Even the dead need protection


Feeling a bit cooler now? Let us know in comments if you have any such memes and we’ll make a part 2 of this.