The Complete Collection Of Dubai Police’s Luxury Fleet

Luxury is pretty much synonymous with Dubai. And if you were to ask for Luxury cars, we would always be on top of the list. From the most expensive to the fastest car on the planet, UAE has it all. We all have seen the images of Bentleys and Ferraris in the colours of Dubai Police floating around. But have you seen their entire collection? Well, you are about to.


1. Aston Martin


2. Bentley Continental GT


3. BMW i8


4. BMW M6


5. Bugatti Veyron


6. Chevrolet Camaro


7. Ferrari FF

8. Lamborghini Aventador  


9. Lexus RC F


10. Mclaren MP4


11. Mercedes SLS AMG


12. Nissan GT-R


13. Porsche Panamera


14. Brabus Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

15. Audi R8


16. Ford Mustang


17. Nissan Patrol

18. GMC Sierra Pickup Truck

19. Audi Q7


Now you know why Dubai is synonymous with luxury. Still don’t believe us? Here, see some of the world’s most expensive cars abandoned in UAE.