Which Emirate Should You Be Staying In?

It’s common to find people having their homes close to their work place. But everyone always cannot afford it or they prefer staying near areasĀ of their liking. I’ve seen people work in Abu Dhabi but stay in Ras Al Khaimah. The reason could be anything from hike in rent to the love for the wadis.

It doesn’t matter where you reside currently, take this quiz and find out which Emirate should you be staying in.


Which one are you from the following?

What is your preferable airline?

What does your weekend look like?

How much are you willing to pay per year?

Does driving for long bother you?

Choose one of the following images

How fine are you with getting fined?

Which Emirate should you stay in?
Abu Dhabi




Ras Al Khaimah



On the note of getting fined, how good is your Dubai fines knowledge? Take our quiz to find out!