QUIZ: Can You Guess These Malls In Dubai From Just One Picture?

You think you’ve seen it all, but have you really? There are around 64 malls or shopping centers in Dubai. You have to be a shopping maniac to know them all. Don’t worry, this quiz doesn’t involve all of them, only a few handful ones which we think you might have visited at least once. Yalla, let’s see how you fair.


This mall is visible from Business Bay crossing

The place reminds us of Egypt

The Apple store

Parallel to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road

This mall looks like a Mediterranean town

This mall is visible from the metro

The name of this place can be spotted from SZR

This has it's own metro station

Maskara, Mazakiya, Vidushak, Joker, Clown

No clues for this one, you have to get this right

Parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road

The traveller

Another Mirdiff hotspot



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