You Won’t Be Able To Guess What This Commercial Is About Till The End

When a commercial begins, one is usually able to identify the product within the first few seconds. Sometimes, the ad is so creative, you have to wait for them to reveal what product were they talking about. Well, this one happens to be part of the second category.


As the ad begins, you’ll feel like it’s probably about women’s apparel. Well, because there’s a slow motion twirl of a girl’s skirt. But no, it’s not about that.


Post that few friends seem to be laughing, as there hair looks shiny and skin is glowing. That gives you an idea of either a hair care or skin care product.┬áBut no, it’s not about that.


Then a girl is whispering something towards the camera. It could mean it’s either about the amazing cutlery on her table, or the furniture that she is proud of and won’t share where she got it from with her friends.┬áBut no, it’s not about that.


Things escalate very quickly as a girl is seen leaning on the bed, without even listening to what she has to say, you kind of figure out. But guess what, no, it’s not even about that.


When you kind of give up guessing the product, the commercial reveals it’s about Shataf. You got to see it to believe it.


Here’s the commercial:


So next time you don’t like something, this has to be your response: