How fine is your Dubai fines knowledge?

Dubai is known for its roads, cleanliness, buildings amongst other things that makes it one of the most visited places in the world. And therefore there are many rules when it comes to staying in this Emirate. How many of these rules are you aware of? Chances are, almost all. But do you know the penalties for breaking those rules?

Let us see how you perform in this Dubai fine quiz.


What is the fine for driving dangerously?

How much will you be fined for throwing waste on roads?

What is the fine for driving without a number plate?

If you are driving without your seat belt on, you'll be fined..

What is the fine if you are caught quarrelling with the RTA bus driver?

How much could you be fined for hanging clothes in the balcony?

If you don't use indicators while turning or changing lanes, you could be fined..


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